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Lim luck strikes again..I thought a girl liked me back, went out when she was working at the pharmacy, got her a rose with a note inside “Go on a date with me?”, had a random lady give her the rose as she was working at the counter..what do you know…FRIEND ZONE…

Lesson learned?=never do anything romantic again…you’re just wasting you’re time and money. No girls like that anymore..chivalry is dead. Time to get with the times an be a jerkface.


I went to my sponsor’s house to go trick-or-treating with my sponsors parents’ granddaughter this past Monday. She’s eight years old and in the third grade. We’re pretty close. She’s like the little sister I’ve always wanted. The moment she grabbed onto my hand while we were walking to the next house, hugged, and kissed it, I melted right on the spot. The biggest thing I look forward to when I go to my sponsors is hanging out with her. She loves playing hide and seek, duck-duck-goose, and riding on my shoulders. Makes me really want to have my own daughter someday. Kids are so pure and fun. :) No drama or gossip, they just like to have innocent fun. I hope she never grows up lol. I got her a friendship bracelet maker kit for her birthday. I have it all wrapped and everything so I can give it to her when she comes to the football game this Saturday. Is it sad that getting to see her this weekend is the highlight of my week? haha I guess I’m a sucker for kids.


So I’m eating happily at the Korean restaurant we always go to with my roommate and firstie friend. The owner lady talks to me the entire meal and asks me all these questions about myself and what I want to do. I thought it was just an innocent conversation because I was a regular and she knew me by first name basis. But, at the end of the meal, she unexpectingly asks for my number so she can give it to her daughter to call me. Turns out her daughter was the waitress I always thought was cute over the summer. Funny how God gives you different joys in your life, in such unique ways. I’ve been praying to find someone. Hopefully this turns out good! :)


I’m getting super nervous for my date this Friday. That’s all I’ve been thinking about recently. It’s been so long since I’ve went out on a date. I know it’s just my sponsor sister, but I want it to go well. I’ve been going over all the details like bringing an extra jacket for her in case she gets cold. I hope all goes as planned!

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